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Kleos processes are designed to remove the complexity of your aircraft operation for you.

Kleos flight planning services


International Flight Planning

Flight planning is the backbone to our service. We provide accurate and concise flight planning data for your aircraft. We know that optimum routing is important to you, accurate fuel burns allow for safe and efficient crew decision making. By evaluating enroute weather, performance, weight and balance constraints and permitted airspace on your planned route Kleos delivers the best options for your crew to consider.


Overflight and Landing permits

Permits are often required to enable landing and overflight of countries or territories. The Kleos team lives and breathes this process daily. Time constrained permits often need renewing after operational or technical delays and we monitor this constantly during the course of pre-flight planning and during the course of your live trip.


Dispatch and Flight Watch

Getting doors closed and pushing back for an on-time dispatch is a speciality at Kleos. Our team is adept at getting all the pieces together to ensure this happens. Once airborne, keeping our client informed of where their aircraft is via our live radar fed, flight watch service is a standard part of what we do. We know how important it is for you to know where your aircraft is.


Crew Control and Communication

Kleos works with clients that require differing levels of crew control. Our clients sometimes provide crew and control them internally, and others require us to provide crew, and arrange all of the logistics associated with that. We are used to working with different levels of involvement and can adjust as you require. 


Ground Handling

 We recognise that an on-time aircraft departure and arrival is often only as good as the quality of the ground handling. Carefully selecting handling partners at airports requires experience and networking knowledge. Something Kleos is proud to have. We are independent of any group company and can select various providers to meet your needs.


Transparent Quoting and Costings

Business must be transparent from first contact to close of trip. Business transparency is a core value of Kleos. We have been around aviation long enough to know that many unscrupulous players take advantage of a complex industry. We have no hidden costs and our quoting and invoicing reflects every detail of your experience with us.

Kleos exists because you choose to use our services. You had other providers to consider and you chose Kleos. We never forget this. Your satisfaction is key to our sustainability in business.

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